Archery Events

Parkford Archery

If you are looking to hold a corporate, stag or hen event or a fun day for family and friends our team of qualified coaches and experienced archers are here to help you.

For something different and challenging Parkford holds archery events throughout the year with session times available on Wednesdays and Sundays. We can organise your archery event with groups from 8 up to 40 persons where you can all enjoy being shown the skillful art of using the bows and arrows. With different sized bows and targets placed at varying distances you will experience the exhilaration of hitting the targets.
During your session you will be shown the basics of using the bow and arrows by your instructor, including how to comfortably hold the bow, nock the arrow and then loose. The targets you are aiming at will be set some distance away, so it will take skill and concentration to successfully hit the target faces on the boss - let alone hit gold!

Everything is provided for you by the team. Parkford has several different sizes and types of bow, so one will be chosen to best fit you. It's a skilful sport and once you've tried it we think you will be back for more.

Anyone from the age of 8 upwards can join in but the archer must be strong enough to hold the bow. Onsite refreshments at our club house are available throughout the day ranging from coffee and snacks to full hot brunches. Accommodation can also be provided in our award winning cottages and rooms in Park Hall.

For further details, please contact us