clay pigeon shooting

Parkford Shooting Centre

As one of the country’s premier shooting clubs Parkford offers a wide range of clay pigeon shooting layouts to enable you to enjoy the most of this the fastest growing sport in the country.

The experienced staff and fully qualified CPSA instructors, with a proven high standard of shooting and communication abilities, are on hand to organise and advise on the many shooting disciplines available. Parkford has taught some of the finest game and clay shooters in the country including Lady and Junior Great Britain Champions. Whether you require a pre session warm up or just want to try clay pigeon shooting for the first time, our professional approach is a major part of the art of clay pigeon shooting.

There is an extensive range of layouts including English Skeet, Compact Sporting and Olympic Skeet. Even if you have never tried the sport before or are to novice/intermediate standard you can experience the sport with tuition available from our experienced qualified coaches.

A wide range of cartridges, with special discounts for bulk purchases, along with many gun accessories and clothing are available for sale in our clubhouse. As registered firearm dealers we are available to assist in the purchase of new and good quality secondhand shotguns.

Registered shoots are arranged throughout the year and this year The Essex Registered Selection Shoot will be held on Saturday the 29th March.

Parkford’s ranges are open every day from 10am until dusk except Wednesdays and Sundays when they are open exclusively for archery events.

For further details, please contact us